Endless Pools Fastlane Review

Endless Pools offers two products that allow swimmers to focus on speed swimming and training in the comfort and convenience of their own home. This includes the Fastlane Pool which is a compact and easy to setup portable pool designed for swimmers who want to focus only on swimming. The other product that Endless Pools offers is the Fastlane accessory which can attach to practically any swimming pool to create a stationary swimming lane. Read on to learn more about each of these models.


fastlane pool

Fastlane Pool

The Fastlane Pool is a 10 by 14.6 foot tank that is four feet deep and has a 3,000 gallon water capacity. It can be setup within one hour without any tools. The beauty of the Fastlane Pool is that during winter months it can be setup in the garage, basement or other enclosure. View the video below to learn more about the Fastlane standalone pool.

Fastlane Pool: Price & Features

The Endless Pool Fastlane Pool starts at $12,900 and includes everything needed to swim. This includes that Italian made, light blue reinforced fabric walled pool, Fastlane swim unit, 5 hp current generator, two wireless remotes, ladder, floating solar cover, water quality system and hydraulic hoses. For more info check out the Fastlane Pool online at the Endless Pools official website.



The Fastlane standalone swim unit is perfect for swimmers looking to add a longer swim lane to their traditional backyard pool. Rather than using the health club or other public Olympic swimming pool, you can use the Fastlane unit to swim indefinitely. The Fastlane unit attaches to most pools, learn more by watching the video from Endless Pools below.

Fastlane: Price & Features

The Fastlane is offered in two units; the Wall Mount and Deck mount. The Fastlane starts at $6,900 and also includes either the Sapphire or Platinum Swim Unit. Learn more about the Fastlane at EndlessPools.com

Purchasing a Used Fastlane Pool
When purchasing a used Fastlane Pool or standalone unit it is important to ensure that the swim current generator is in working order. If you are unsure of how to check this, please contact us. Thank you for visiting Endless Pools Craigslist!

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