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Welcome to the website for the top wholesaler for new and used Endless Pools on Craigslist. This includes popular endless pools such as the Fastlane and Fiberglass models. We also carry other types of swimming pools including outdoor in-ground and above ground pools, Jacuzzis among other models. You will also find resources for pool slides and heaters on this site. Thank you for visiting Craigslist Pools!


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Located in Scottsdale, Arizona within the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Endless Pool Craigslist provides pool supply at discount and wholesale prices. Our large and conveniently located retail / warehouse location off Scottsdale road and Tacoma houses our large selection of Endless Pools along with swimming pools and supply.

pool supply warehouse At Craigslist Pools we have the valley's largest selection of new and used Endless Pools, above ground and in-ground pools, water slides and pool heaters. Please browse through our site to get a glimpse of our enormous inventory. Read on to learn more about the Endless Pools Company located in Aston, PA.

Endless Pools Review

Endless Pools is a niche swimming pool manufacturer that makes six various lines of compact pools that allow the participant to swim in place. Endless Pools has been around since 1988 and has sold more than 20,000 pools in over 80 countries. View the video below from to see what customers are saying about their products and the various types of Endless Pools.

Endless Pools sells their custom pools outfitted with a 16" propeller that creates a swimmable wave. Endless Pools are purchased by people of all ages including Olympians for recreational swimming, exercise, therapy and fun. With over one-hundred (100) employees including certified architects, designers, engineers, and customer service professionals, Endless Pools is a full service organization.

Company History

Endless Pools was founded by James Murdock over 25 years ago from a concept formulated by his father in Arizona 50 years ago. Mr. Murdock swam in place in the irrigation canals that bring water from the Colorado River to Phoenix. The first pool was built in 1988 on the pool deck at Columbia University. The therapeutic benefits and training aspects for athletes were immediate and have carried on to this day. Today the Endless Pools Company has grown into a full service organization with six various product lines displayed below.

Six Endless Pool Types

  1. Original Endless Pool
  2. Endless Pool Swim Spa
  3. Fastlane Pool (seasonal)
  4. WaterWell Pool
  5. Endless Pool Elite
  6. Fastlane Swim Current Generator (seasonal)

Pool Accessories
On top of the six models that Endless Pools sells, the company also offer options and accessories including underwater treadmills, manual and automatic pool covers, hydrotherapy jets and underwater lights.